Beauty Doesn’t Come In A Package

Beauty Doesn’t Come In A Package

One Size Does Not Fit All, and Nor Does Your Swimsuit

You wouldn't want every food in the world to become pizza or all music to become top-40 hits even though these things appeal to popular tastes. Why, then, should anyone insist there's only one beauty standard for every woman to meet? From the elegant lines of a runway model to the lush curves of a plus size pin-up, beauty doesn't have just one look. That's why Blum's gives you gorgeous clothes and swimwear for larger women, styles for smaller sizes and fashion to highlight your one-of-a-kind beauty. 

Despite knowing that true beauty comes in so many sizes and shapes, it isn't always easy to remember that magazines don't have a monopoly on what's considered beautiful. Here's how to rediscover your own beauty and dress to make the most of it. 

The History of Beauty

If you want to love who you see in the mirror more, visit an art gallery. From Peter Paul Rubens, who gave his name to the adjective “Rubenesque,” to Renoir's well-rounded ladies, artists have appreciated beauty in all its forms for ages. Ancient Greek statues and mosaics of Roman bathing beauties reveal a wider perspective on beauty too. You can even use art as your inspiration, possibly borrowing from Gauguin's brilliant color palette for your summer fashion or playing with retro bikini styles like a heroine in a Lichtenstein print. 

Dress to Impress Yourself

You may have read hundreds of magazine articles telling you how to conceal flaws, but to appreciate your own beauty, try turning that question around and asking yourself what you want to show off. What's a part of you that you love, and how can you play it up? By thinking about what you want to flaunt instead of what you'd like to cover, you're reinforcing positive messages about your own beauty. 

That doesn't mean you can't still have the coverage you want. Thoughtfully designed clothes for larger women offer extra support and room where needed without hiding your beauty behind excess fabric. Sleek surplice bodices, full-cut bikini bottoms and built-in cups on tankinis keep your suit secure. Take a look at Blum's plus size swimsuits and beach fashion to see how more structure can flatter curves. 

Real Women Don't Fit into Boxes

Depending on who you listen to, you'll get countless messages throughout your lifetime about how real women are supposed to look, many of them contradictory. Instead of trying to fit into these ideas of what a real woman is, explore your own ideas of beauty by thinking about how your fashion expresses your true style. Are you drawn to the drama of high contrast and sleek lines, or do you favor flowery, romantic looks? Do bright colors make you feel vibrant, or are elegant neutrals more your speed? 

True style isn't dependent on size. By separating your unique sense of style from the size tag in your swimsuit, you can embrace your wardrobe as a form of self-expression. You already know you're real; you don't need to follow what someone else says about real women to prove it. 

Since Summer is on the way, come on down to our Buffalo or Patchogue, NY locations to check out the latest fashions, or check us out online! Don’t hide inside, get out there in a new swimsuit from Blum’s swimwear and intimates.
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