Buying the Best Bra

Buying the Best Bra

Finding the Perfect Fit is More Than Just Cup Size

Bras are a foundational wardrobe piece that provide comfort and support while enhancing shape. Unfortunately, many women are disappointed by the bra-buying experience. Whether pieces don't fit correctly or don't quite meet a woman's needs, buying the wrong bra can be both discouraging and expensive. Fortunately, a little knowledge is all you need to buy bras that you'll want to wear every day. 

The Basics of a Good Bra Fit

When it comes to bras, choosing the right size is absolutely essential. If you've never had one before, consider a professional bra fitting. A bra fitting can help increase your comfort and your confidence. Once you know what size you wear, you can confidently buy bras in store or order them from an online retailer without worrying that you'll have to go through the hassle of making a return. 

In addition to buying properly sized bras, it's also essential to wear your bras correctly. For a great fit, you should

  • adjust the straps so that they rest comfortably on your shoulders with no twisting,
  • fasten the band in front, and then twist it around to the back,
  • lift your breasts into the cups so that they fit comfortably
  • check to ensure that the back band sits snug straight across the back & ribs.

When you buy a new bra, you should aim for a good fit with the loosest set of hooks fastened. Use the tighter hooks once the band has lost elasticity to extend wear life. 

Choosing the Right Style for You

Getting the right size is just the first step in buying great bras. You'll also need to choose styles that work for you. One of the first things you should determine is if you want an underwire or wire-free piece. Wire-free bras are more comfortable for some women, but underwire bras tend to offer more support. Remember that sizing can vary slightly between some styles. Ask an intimates specialist for advice about adjusting sizing for low-cut bras, strapless bras and other specialty styles. 

Strapless and convertible bras are very popular because they add versatility to your wardrobe. Strapless styles are especially useful for summer, when you're more likely to wear strapless or halter tops. If you don't foresee wearing strapless bras often, choose a convertible style instead. These bras have removable straps that can be attached and worn over the shoulders, in a halter style or crossed in the back.

If you're a nursing mom, look for nursing bras. These styles feature cups that pull away from the breast easily so that you don't have to remove bras to nurse.

Blum’s Bras

Choice is essential when it comes to choosing undergarments that fit well. At Blum's Swimwear & Intimates, we have a great selection of both every-day and special occasion intimates. Browse our site today to find bras you can fall in love with. 

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