Party in Your PJ’s

Party in Your PJ’s

How to Host an Absolutely Fabulous Adult Pajama Party 

Like many grownups, you probably have fond memories of attending sleepovers and slumber parties as a kid. You might even wish you could return to those simpler days and enjoy a fun-filled night with your friends. The great news? You can! Even though your sleepwear tastes have probably changed over the years, you can still have tons of fun at a pajama party with your friends. Here are our favorite tips for hosting a successful sleepover. 

Creating a Theme

Setting a theme for your party will help attendees pick the right style PJs and will guide you as you make decorating and food decisions too. For an adult pajama party, you can wear everything from relaxed PJs to casual lounge wear to saucy sleepwear. Let your friends know the theme before the party so that they have plenty of time to shop for PJs. Some fun themes include:

  • spa night,
  • movie night,
  • karaoke night
  • casual dance party
  • game night

Activities & Ambiance

Once you’ve chosen your theme, be sure you have your home set up to accommodate. PJ parties lend themselves to lounging and relaxing. Be sure to have plenty of fluffy pillows, couches, settees, blankets and throws available. 

If you decide to do a games or karaoke night, have a stockpile of fun games for small to large groups, and rent the karaoke machine ahead of time to prevent a party flop. If you’re doing movies, be sure to arrange your viewing space so as to maximize space and comfort; your guests will thank you from the cuddle puddle.

Fun Food & Drinks for Your PJ Party

Junk food and pajama parties go hand in hand. Be creative with your food. You can do everything from get classic junk food choices from your childhood to choosing fancy appetizers for your big party. If you're having a food-focused party, encourage your guest to wear comfy lounge wear or relaxed pajamas. After all, no one wants to wear provocative PJs if they'll be eating messy food or indulging in lots of desserts. 

Beer, wine and cocktails are incredibly popular at PJ parties too. Wine and cheese pairings are fun to sample and will add an upscale flare to your party. For even more fun, try a party where you pair wine and candy. Chocolate is an obvious choice, but you can find great pairings for almost any other candy you love too. 

Choosing the Right Sleepwear for Your Pajama Party

Deciding on a theme for your PJ party will guide your apparel choices. If you have the budget, you can grab a cozy PJ set for each of your guests. You can also ask your friends to wear their own pajamas and vote on who has the most stylish look. 

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