Fabric Masks by Debbie Katz (Assorted Only)


Assorted Fabric Mask


The Debbie Katz fabric mask acts as a barrier between you and your environment. It helps stop tiny droplets from spreading when you cough or sneeze thus protecting others from you– and yourself from touching your face. The mask features elastic ear loops and a filter pocket so you can insert an extra layer of tissue or even waterproof material to increase protection. The reversible design helps you to always wear your mask in the same direction. Crafted in the USA from 100% cotton. Please mind the masks are not FDA/CDC certified. Debbie Katz cannot offer liability, returns or exchanges on this product. 

Safe Handling Tips:

- Machine-wash before first use 
- Always wear same side facing outward
- M
achine-wash frequently
- Remove by taking the straps
- Do not touch material part of mask
– Do not store mask in your bag
– Wash hands carefully before & after touching your mask

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