Due to the pandemic and high demand, merchandise from the vendors is hard to come by.
To avoid disappointment of receiving your order, Blum's has limited our online selection of swimwear. Our store is fully stocked and new merchandise arrives in-store daily. We highly suggest visiting us in-store to shop our full selection. of swimwear.


Hem Magic

Sold Out

  • Adjustments in a Snap!
  • Temporarily adjust hems up or down to any length to accommodate boots, heels and flats. Keeps lapels flat and has many other convenient uses:
  • Adjusts hems
  • Keeps lapels from turning up
  • Closes gaps between blouse buttons.
  • Keeps belt ends in place.
  • A ‘go to’ problem solver!
  • 16 Snaps per Package
  • Style #: 91003

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