Hot Fashion for Hot Weather

Hot Fashion for Hot Weather

Dress Neat in the Summer Heat

This summer, get ready for fun in the sun by perfecting your fashion game. The key to choosing the right swimwear is knowing your body type and dressing to make the most of it. That's important with everything you wear, but with bathing suits, you have less fabric to work with, so every detail counts. In this guide to body types and the suit styles that show off their best features, you'll find out where to start your search for the perfect suit before hot weather hits. 

The Apple of Everyone's Eye

If you have slimmer legs and hips with more fullness in your midriff and upper body, you have an apple-shaped body type. Many people with apple-shaped figures want plenty of bust support, so more constructed styles with built-in cups may work well for you. Tankinis are an excellent two-piece solution for revealing just a little skin while skimming over your midriff and waist to showcase shapely legs. For plus-sized suits, everything from retro high-waisted bikinis to swimdresses that offer more coverage are hot for summer. If you're a lean “apple core” and want to create more curves at your waist, look for suit features that create a slimmer visual line through the middle with cut-outs or ruching. 

The Perfect Pear

Think of a pear's curvy shape and its fuller bottom, and you have the essence of the pear-shaped figure, which is slimmer at the top and through the middle than at the hips and thighs. Pear shapes, like apples, come in all sizes, but the hottest summer fashion trends are all about balance. You, lucky pear, can play up the top of a suit with bright colors, lively patterns and high contrast. Ruffles and lacing add visual interest that creates balance against a monochrome bikini or tankini bottom. Swimdresses can work too, but they're especially flattering in sleek styles rather than added volume. Crochet is hot again this year, and it's ideal for pear shapes who want to make a splash with rich texture. 

The Bewitching Hourglass

Are you about the same size through your bust and hips with a narrower waist? If so, then you have an hourglass figure. Bikinis, tankinis and maillots are all in your versatile wheelhouse. The trick to dressing an hourglass body in swimwear is to make sure your waist doesn't get lost. Bikini styles are made for you, and whether you go with hip-hugging bottoms or high-waisted retro glamour, you're doing it right. One-piece suits with cut-outs or waist detailing do justice to your curves too. Your figure is already proportionally balanced, so choose a bathing suit style that makes the most of that with an all-over pattern or symmetrical designs on the top and bottom. 

Follow Your Heart 

Ultimately, you know your body and fashion sense best. You'll have the most fun in the sun when you're wearing a suit you love, so think of these tips as fashion guidelines, not rigid rules. With suits to fit every body type and style, you'll find your perfect summer fashion from Blum's.
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