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 Finding the Perfect Fit is More Than Just Cup Size Bras are a foundational wardrobe piece that provide comfort and support while enhancing shape. Unfortunately, many women are disappointed by the bra-buying experience. Whether pieces don't fit correctly or don't quite meet a woman's needs, buying the wrong bra can be both discouraging and expensive. Fortunately, a little knowledge is all you need to buy bras that you'll want to wear every day.  The Basics of a Good Bra Fit When it comes to bras, choosing the right size is absolutely essential. If you've never had one before, consider...

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How to Host an Absolutely Fabulous Adult Pajama Party  Like many grownups, you probably have fond memories of attending sleepovers and slumber parties as a kid. You might even wish you could return to those simpler days and enjoy a fun-filled night with your friends. The great news? You can! Even though your sleepwear tastes have probably changed over the years, you can still have tons of fun at a pajama party with your friends. Here are our favorite tips for hosting a successful sleepover.  Creating a Theme Setting a theme for your party will help attendees pick the right...

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While our website offers much to choose from our stores carry so much more! We would love for you to visit us at one of our two physical locations! We hope to see you soon!

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